Browser Suggestions


Dear User:

If you use IE10 browser (included) or less, it is recommended that your IE browser be upgraded or Google Chrome and Firebox be used with a display solution of 1024 x 768 (or more) to have the best browse experience.


Related Description

       Why not support IE10 (included) browser or less?

IE10 (included) browser or less doesn’t fully support and operate a lot of programs by Javascript on the CMS website, unable to fully display or shifting as well as existing many security flaws.
Microsoft indicated Windows with IE10 (included) or less will stop the security update. In order to ensure the browsing security and share interaction experiences on more websites. It is recommended that you immediately upgrade your browser.Microsoft’s announcement to terminate support


       What happen to me if my browser is not upgraded?

If you view our website by IE10 (included) browser or less, some of web pages could present the broken figure or webpage shift as well as some of interactions can’t be correctly displayed and used.


       How do I upgrade my browser?

You can updgrade your IE browser by the following link or download Google Chrome and Firebox browser.

IE   Chrome   Firefox